It all started when...

I was visiting my Grandma Violette and the gladiolus in her garden were taller than I was! I was in complete awe and I think that's when I really started loving flowers. I've spent the last fifteen years planning and decorating weddings with my mom and sister. My mom says I've been working in the wedding industry since I was old enough to fold a napkin. Although, to be honest, I'm not sure how much "help" a five year old really is. Then came the shedding of blood (some of those thorns are brutal), sweat (July and August in the Midwest... yeesh!) and tears (1 a.m. hysterical laughing fits with my mom and sister while we're working on a wedding) and the creative genius of my sister coming up with the idea to use our Gran's name, The Wild Violette was born (I'm the youngest sister so the "Wild" came from me!).

I am a mom to two amazing (and exhaustingly wonderful) kids. I've been a wife to a fantastic (and smokin’ hot) husband for the past twelve years. I love all things oriented in the arts and over the last decade have really enjoyed art through flowers. It brings me so much joy to be able to give my clients something unique and exceptional. Plus, who doesn’t love things that smell nice and look pretty?

Gina Larson


About The Wild Violette

The Wild Violette is a boutique floral shop located in New Richmond, Wisconsin. With over a decade of experience in the floral industry and fifteen years in the wedding industry, our goal is to provide exceptional service with an artistic eye and professional attention to detail.

About The photography

Many of the photographs used on this website were taken by my good friend Kacie. Her fabulous eye for photography is just one of the many reasons I have loved working with her over the last several years. To check out more of Kacie's amazing work go to